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Please read carefully all the terms and conditions for use of MLMNEXT.COM website. By visiting or using this website you indicates that you have understand and acceptance of the terms and conditions. If you do not agree for these terms, you are requested not to use this MLMNEXT.COM website. These terms and conditions may be updated by MLMNEXT.COM at any time without any prior information to the users.

MLMNEXT.COM specify terms and conditions for the use of this MLM classifieds means any person who uses this MLM Classified/ MLM News/MLM Social Networking or the services offered by MLMNEXT.COM in any manner including all the persons who browsing MLMNEXT.COM and its content, posting of comments or responding to any Ads or advertisements using these services, you agree to comply all these terms and conditions and given your acceptance.

Description of MLMNEXT.COM Services and Content Policy

MLMNEXT.COM is the evergreen and new generation of free online MLM classified, news, social networking platform. We act as a platform to allow our all users to post review, comments, news, discussion on MLM business, MLM companies. Although you may find some information on MLMNEXT.COM and made payment to other individual or company using third-party vendors, MLMNEXT.COM is not in any way involved in such transactions directly or indirectly. MLMNEXT.COM is not a party for such transactions and has no control on any such transactions and shall have no liabilities to any such party. You use MLMNEXT.COM services at your own risk.

All users understand that MLMNEXT.COM is not responsible for any ads offerings, directory information, messages between users of MLMNEXT.COM, business information/listings, comments, offerings, user postings, files uploaded by users, photos, sounds, video or any other material available on MLMNEXT.COM website. User may or may not be exposed to contents that is indecent, offensive, misleading, inaccurate or other objectionable contents or materials. You are agree and responsible for the contents/material you have published on our website and liable to bear all the risks associated with, in any circumstances MLMNEXT.COM is not responsible for any loss or damage for any kind incurred through the browsing, reading or using the website. MLMNEXT.COM does not have any kinds of authenticity or accuracy of the information published by the user and MLMNEXT.COM disclaims all liabilities thereto.

You agree, acknowledge and solely responsible for all of your own contents posted, transmitted or linked from the service or publishing. MLMNEXT.COM want to state clearly that you retain all your ownership rights in your own contents, therefore, by submitting the content to MLMNEXT.COM, you grant to MLMNEXT.COM for non-cancellable, non-exclusive, transferable license to use, sub-licensable, royalty-free, irrevocable, reproduce, distribute. These rights needed by MLMNEXT.COM to host and display your published contents. You also grant each and every user of MLMNEXT.COM a non-exclusive license to access and read contents through our website.

MLMNEXT.COM reserves rights to remove any of the content without prior notice. MLMNEXT.COM also have rights to terminate any user to access our MLM Classified, MLM News, MLM Social Networking or from whole website. MLMNEXT.COM does not permit to any user for copyright infringing activities and MLMNEXT.COM may, at its sole discretion remove all or any infringing contents.

MLMNEXT.COM is not liable for any kind of infringement of copyright arising in the posted content by the users on the website.

You agree that not used or engage in the use of contents, copying, distribution of any of the contents, photo and other published material on the website.

1.   You acknowledge and agree not to post, modify, publish, transmit, upload, share, email or display any information on website or other make available contents that violates the law:

  • •  That infringes any intellectual property rights for any party or contents for which you do not have any rights.
  • •  That are patented or copyrighted, protected by trademark or trade secret including privacy and public rights, unless otherwise stated you have license or you are owner of such rights or permission from their rightful owner to post the contents or material and grant MLMNEXT.COM for all of the license rights granted to publish on the website.
  • •  That are harmful, unlawful, abusive, threatening, harassing, pornographic, blasphemous, defamatory, invasive of another's privacy or rights, hateful, racially, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, gambling or encouraging money laundering or unlawful in any manner.
  • •  That threatens integrity, unity, defense, sovereignty of countries, security, friendly relations with foreign states or insulting any other nation.
  • •  That content includes identifying information or personal about another person without prior permission from that person.
  • •  That misleads and communicates any information through which is menacing in nature or offensive.
  • •  That is deceptive or false or deceitful or misleading.
  • •  That content must not be repeated which was earlier posted by you.


WARNING! Investment in any concepts, classified, banners or any advertisement posted on WWW.MLMNEXT.COM is risky and MLMNEXT.COM is not liable or responsible for any loss. Please use your common sense and alternative source before taking any decision.


  • •  All member registrations at WWW.MLMNEXT.COM are free and you should not pay any amount to any of our employee or franchise to create account in MLMNEXT.COM.
  • •  Company can block or cancel your account anytime if we found that you are violating our terms and conditions or you are involved in any scam or spamming activity.
  • •  Account once created at MLMNEXT.COM can’t be cancelled. However, it can be de-activated from company on written request from member.


  • •  You agree that you are marketing WWW.MLMNEXT.COM at your will; without and false commitment or force from MLMNEXT.COM
  • •  You will be personally liable for any false commitment made by you while marketing your personal link of MLMNEXT.COM

Classifieds Positing Policy

  • •  Post name, phone number, email id in your classifieds
  • •  Posting same ads multiple time is not allowed
  • •  Comparison of other concepts in your classifieds not allowed
  • •  Don't post fraud, fake, illegal, money circulation, Investment company classifieds
  • •  Uses of words like INVESTMENT, WITHOUT WORKING, NON-WORKING, and DEPOSIT, DOUBLE, TRIPLE, FREE in classifieds are strictly prohibited.
  • •  Classifieds for adults products or Regulated products like wine, brandy, whisky etc. are not allowed
  • •  MLMNEXT.COM is authorized to decide on each classified that is posted on our website. We are not answerable for any rejection of your classified advertisement on our website.
  • •  You agree and accept to receive SMS, E-mail and other advertisement content from MLMNEXT.COM, its members and Clients.
  • •  Send SMS, EMAIL or contact advertiser only if you are interested in a particular business concept.
  • •  Sending same content to same user multiple times is not allowed.
  • •  MLMNEXT.COM is not responsible or liable for any false information on our website, mass emails, link advertisements, banner ads, bulk SMS or any other marketing services provided to client. You are requested to validate the information from alternative source before taking any actions.
  • •  You are not supposed to copy the content posted on our website by users without their permission.

Advertisement Terms & Conditions

  • •  Banner advertisement is subject to terms and conditions agreed between customer and our sales agent.
  • •  Banner advertisement once placed on the website can be cancelled with 5 days’ notice. However, there will be no refund for the balance time available for particular banner ad.
  • •  Existing banner ad can be replaced by same customer once in a month. For any additional replacement in respective month will be charged additional.
  • •  Position for given banner advertisement can be changed only once in a given month. For additional changes in given month will be charged extra.
  • •  No banner ads will be accepted for adults products or Regulated products like wine, brandy, whisky etc.
  • •  Ad content and design has to be provided by client and MLMNEXT.COM is not responsible for the content of the ad.
  • •  MLMNEXT.COM is not liable for any false commitments provide by Banner advertisement of third party on our website.
  • •  Each position will be allocated to more than 1 customer. Hence, your banner ad may go on rotation in given position.
  • •  Banner ads purchased under Special offer are reserved for 15 days only. If ad is not placed within 15 days, order will be cancelled and there will be no refund.
  • •  Special offer on banner ads are at companies discretion and it varies from position to position.
  • •  Special offers on banner ads are limited period offers and can be closed any time.
  • •  Renewals of banner ads are always at actual price and special offers are not applicable at the time renewals.
  • •  Prices for MLMNEXT.COM marketing services may change any time with or without notice. Hence, confirm the prices with our sales agent before placing your order.
  • •  We do not guarantee on number of leads, sales or revenue though our marketing services.
  • •  Our data is purchased and acquired from genuine sources. However, we do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the date used for sending mass emails or bulk SMS.
  • •  MLMNEXT.COM will not provide or sell data base in any form to our clients.
  • •  MLMNEXT.COM marketing services once purchased will not be refunded or replaced.

Declaration by the Users for Submissions

User must know and understand the use of the MLMNEXT.COM, user is responsible for the source of the contents and MLMNEXT.COM is not responsible for the usefulness, accuracy, intellectual right or safety of the contents published on MLMNEXT.COM and you (user) agree and assume all liabilities for use. In other words, you understand and agree that you are responsible for the contents which are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, defamatory or objectionable.

Limitations of Liabilities

In no event shall MLMNEXT.COM its director(s), officer(s), agent(s) or employee(s) be liable for any kinds of direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage(s) resulting from any aspect of user of the services or website including without limitation the damages occurs by the user or misuse of the services or website from inability to use the services or website or the interruption, modification, suspension, alternation or termination of the service or website. Such limitations of liabilities shall also apply with respect to damage occurs by reason of other products or services received through or advertised in connection with the service or website or any links on the MLMNEXT.COM website. You agree and acknowledge that MLMNEXT.COM shall not be liable for user's submission or the offensive, defamatory, illegal conduct by any of the users or any third party.

Contract of Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

The MLMNEXT.COM website is intended only for adults i.e. you are either more than 18 years of age or emancipated minor or possess legal parental or consent by guardian and fully able and competent to understand or enter into the terms and conditions, obligations, representations, affirmations and warranties set forth in these terms. & also agree to all updated terms & services.

Notification of Changes

MLMNEXT.COM reserves the right to change all or any terms & conditions, privacy & policy, design & services from time to time or when needed and at our sole discretion. We may or may not send you a notice related to material & virtual changes of the terms & conditions, privacy & policy, website or services.

Disputes Resolution

In any case or dispute against MLMNEXT.COM it must be resolved in under the ‘Hon’ble udupi court, Karnataka, India Jurisdiction' only.

By accessing and using this web site MLMNEXT.COM, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Although care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on the web site, INFORMATION ON THE SITE IS PROVIDED WITHOUT ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY AND IN NO EVENT SHALL ADMINISTRATOR BE LIABLE IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE INFORMATION MADE AVAILABLE, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY STATED OTHERWISE. Administrator does not warrant that the web sites or the servers which make MLMNEXT.COM available are free from viruses or any other harmful elements.

Administrator reserves the right to make changes and/or updates with respect to the information contained on the web site at any time without any notice.

The MLMNEXT.COM may provide links to other web sites, which are not under the control of Administrator. Administrator shall not be responsible in any way for the content of such other web sites. Administrator provides such links only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link to any such web sites does not imply endorsement by Administrator of the content of such sites.

The information provided on the MLMNEXT.COM may not only be used, copied or distributed in unmodified form for informational purposes and provided the copyright symbol and notice as set out at the bottom of the page concerned are maintained.

The websites provide access to MLMNEXT.COM and, therefore, may contain references or cross references to specific products and services, which are not available. Any such reference does not imply that subscribers of MLMNEXT.COM intend to sell such products or services.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Government of India. For any further information you can contact Administrator at admin@mlmnext.com

How to Contact Us

If you have any queries or questions regarding the terms and conditions or privacy policy, kindly contact us through email or feedback form given on the contact us page.